My Mind Body Green Post: Why Everyone Should Try A 30-Day Yoga Challenge

The first thing I did after signing up for a thirty day challenge at my local Bikram yoga studio, was to find a quiet corner of the class, sit down on my unrolled mat and think to myself, very clearly: “I immediately regret this decision.”

What was I doing? I was new to the city, had just started some intensive journalism training, and I knew no-one. Why add a month of 90-minute classes (heated to 95 degrees!) to my misery? Continue reading


Yoga Body, Monkey Mind

Bikram yoga makes you aware of your body (and the bodies around you) in both a wonderful and slightly terrifying way. I have spend most of the first week of my 30 day challenge trying ever so hard to focus on my own muscles in the mirror, but hopelessly distracted watching the more experienced yogis in the class.

My wobbles as I attempt to relax into Utkatasana (the aptly named Awkward pose) or suck in my belly during Garurasana (Eagle pose) are a stark contrast to the serene-faced contortionists around me. Continue reading