Some inspiring words from Dr. Maya Angelou

Last weekend, I managed to catch the BET Honours Awards, and Dr. Maya Angelou was one of the honourees. Her acceptance speech was one of the loveliest and most inspiring speeches I have ever heard. What an extraordinary woman.

The embedding from the site is failing me at the moment, but here is the link to check it out.

And because I know that the internet is the land of short attention spans (including my own), and not everyone has time for a video, here is a transcript of the final words of the speech, which are my favourite.

“I know, that since life is our most precious gift, and as far as we can be absolutely certain, it’s given to us to live but once, let us so live we will not regret years of useless virtue, and inertia, and timidity, and ignorance, and in our last moments we can say: ‘All my life, all my conscious energies, have been dedicated to the most noble cause in the world, the liberation of the human mind and spirit – beginning with my own’.”

– Dr. Maya Angelou


Home Or Away?

You know that feeling when you’re partying in a bar, and you decide to leave because there is rumoured to be an AMAZING club around the corner, so you go there because you think it’s going to be better, and then it’s all dark and smoky and expensive and loud and you think “WHY? Why did I leave the bar? It’s too late to go back, I forgot to get one of those stamps on my hand!”

That’s how I feel about leaving South Korea. Continue reading

The Unbearable Lameness of Being

Going slightly mad...

Unemployment does not make me anything special. According to the latest depressing UK statistics, I am only 1 in 2.57 million. I am the plankton of society. I try and take it one day at a time. Some days go well – my blog gets a new comment, my Mind Body Green article gets another response, an editor agrees to give me a chance (more to come on that soon…)

On other days, however, I will self sabotage my productivity to the detriment of myself and everyone around me, usually while snacking. Here is a day in the life of someone who is being driven slowly mad through lack of work. Why not join in and try it out for yourself? Continue reading