Review: Bridesmaids


Usually, at the end of a romantic comedy, I end up tutting loudly, rolling my eyes, and engaging in a healthy dose of pseudo-feminist ranting in the cinema foyer. Not so with Bridesmaids. As the credits rolled, I found myself wanting to applaud, wanting to high-five someone, wanting, in fact, to grab the other women in the cinema and shake them, shouting: “How cool was that?” Continue reading


Trailer Trashing: A Dangerous Method

Trailer trashing (verb) (present continuous) – to make superficial, sarcastic judgements based on three minute previews, in a not at all serious way.

I think I may be slightly in love with Michael Fassbender. Not since my teens (or as I like to them, the DiCaprio years) has an actor managed to provoke such lustful and inappropriate thoughts. So when I heard that there was a film starring The Fassbender (as I like to call him) and Lord of the Rings actor, Viggo Mortensen, I had to still my beating geeky heart. Fassbender and Mortensen? Magneto and Aragorn? Together? Continue reading