What Dustin Hoffman Thinks You Should Be Doing In Your Twenties

As Benjamin in The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman was the poster-boy for post-grad apathy and alienation.

In real life, he has some fine and inspiring wisdom to dispense about following your passion and how to spend your twenties or what he refers to as the Question Mark decade.

Skip to around the 10 minute mark of the video or simply read on for words of wisdom.

“It’s a question mark decade, in a sense. And we’re told that we should know what we want to do. And it’s a terrible thing. ‘What are you gonna do? What are you gonna be? Well, how can you make a living at that?’ … No, no, no. It’s a question mark. You’re never gonna have this luxury again, of not knowing, and it is a luxury not to know. You can play! You must do that, you must. It’s your only way not to go crazy.”

Thanks, Dustin.


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